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What is GOB led screen and what is COB led screen
Author:Young      time:2024-04-01


People may know a little about COB LED displays, but few hear about this latest pixel protection technology, GOB LED displays. Now let me introduce it to you.

What is GOB LED screen technology?


GOB is a new technology, analogous to module packaging, which makes the LED display have a higher protection ability. It works on the whole module, e.g. 250*250mm, by using a patented glue to cover the surface of the PCB, this surface has been soldered with thousands of SMD lights, and finally, the surface of this model is able to get more protection.

It is a high-protection LED display with anti-collision, dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-external lines, heat dissipation and brightness loss without harmful effects. Rigorous tests over a long period of time have shown that glue helps to dissipate heat and can also extend the service life.

Driving revolutionary changes in the entire led display industry, this GOB display is aimed at small pitch led displays and rental screens, which have a natural need for LED protection.

What is COB LED Display Technology?   


COB is chip-on-board packaging, which is a different chip packaging technology, all the chips are directly integrated on a special PCB board, however the packaging technology we are talking about is to integrate three RGB LED chips in an SMD electronic package to produce a single SMD diode.

COB sounds similar to GOB display technology from the name, but it has a long history of development, and the two are different.

The wide viewing angle, high color uniformity, and high efficiency are the same as those of traditional technology LEDs. The biggest advantage of using COB is that it can obtain higher protection performance, such as collision, moisture, dust resistance, in short, higher environmental adaptability.

What is the difference between GOB and COB?

Obviously, COB technology is also the same as GOB technology, which can achieve higher protection performance 

In addition to the cost, there are also certain risks in the process of wavelength and color analysis and selection of all the chips, which makes it difficult to achieve perfect color uniformity across the display, but before gluing, the modules are made and tested with traditional methods, so that GOB can achieve very good color uniformity 

GOB, COB are mainly suitable for large-format high-definition indoor displays above 80 inches, and Micro and Mini LED displays are mainly used in consumer markets below 80 inches, such as: smart phones, TVs, virtual reality products, etc. 

As a leading solution-based large-scale LED display manufacturer, WINFIN is located in Shenzhen, a high-end LED display R&D center

We are committed to using new technologies to enrich the effect of displays, provide customers with greater value, and help customers win greater reputation. WINFIN GOB technology's range of rental and fine-pitch led-based displays is being delivered to our customers and introduces customer inquiries for special requirements for high-protection displays.

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