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How to get the new screen to work
Author:Young      time:2024-03-28

Please follow the steps below to get the LED display running normally

Step 1.Open the package

When you receive the LED screen, the packaging will be like the following.

               Flight case packing                     Wooden case packing                                  Carton packing

Turn it on and take the LED panel out.

Usually we will pack accessories separately, such as power cables, data cables, spare plates, media players, etc. Please find them before installing.

Step 2.Install the LED control panel

Install the LED control boards in turn and connect the side locks or side panels


Connect the power and data cables between the control board.

Step 3.Connect the control system

Connect the power box with the power supply and screen.


Please note that the power cord between the control board and the control board is 2.5㎡, and the maximum load is 5KW, so the load of each cable connection panel cannot exceed the maximum load.

Connect the media player to the screen and the internet.


Step 4.Login and control

Open Colorlight's official website and download the playback software.

Go to Publish and follow the steps to post the ad to the screen.

When you finish downloading, you will see ads on your screen

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