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LED taxi roof display screen 

1.Advertising Communication: The top LED display can be used to play all kinds of advertisements to attract more attention. This provides a unique opportunity for advertisers to promote their products or services through mobile advertising.
2.Real-time information: These displays can display real-time information such as weather, news, traffic conditions, etc., providing useful information to passengers. This can improve the overall experience of passengers.
3.Navigation and location services: The display can be used to show the real-time location of the vehicle, and passengers can track the route of the taxi on a map. This helps to increase the sense of trust and safety of passengers.
4.Social media interactions: Some taxi companies may use displays to interact with passengers, such as by polling, leaving messages, or sharing through social media. This can create a more fun and engaging ride experience.
5.Improve brand image: If a company displays its brand, logo, and slogan on a display screen, this can help increase the company's visibility and image.

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You can use your phone to adjust the brightness, the picture according to the time

The picture is still very clear when the car is moving